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About Our Company

A2B Auto Delivery is run by a passionate husband and wife team, Caroline and Chris. Chris handles the driving and the auto transport services, while Caroline ensures you get the excellent customer care you deserve. Although A2B was established recently, in June 2021, the team has an extensive background in vehicle moving services.
We were once involved in carting general freight in our big rigs, but we have downsized to provide you with a bespoke auto delivery service that you can depend on. We use a Chevy light truck with a custom trailer that is able to carry two vehicles around NZ.


Door-to-Door Transport

Our car delivery services include door-to-door services, saving a lot of time as you won’t have to pick your vehicle up from the yard. This service is especially advantageous to non-runners.


Nationwide Vehicle Movers

Although we are based in Waikato, we offer our vehicle delivery services throughout the entirety of New Zealand.


Excellent Customer Service

Because you are dealing with a small delivery company, you’ll receive excellent, communicative customer service at all times ‒ like you should!

Muscle Car Transport

A True Passion For Cars

What sets us apart from other car haulage companies is a true passion for vehicles of all kinds. Even if your car is a rusted, non-running car, we will still treat it as if it were a luxury sports car. You may not get the same care from larger, more impersonal car moving companies.

We have gained respect in the local classic car circles, and our muscle car transport services have become increasingly popular.

A2B Auto Delivery

Make The Right Choice For Your Car!

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What would you rather choose? Constant movement on a larger truck that has more chance of damage and a wait of up to 14 days to then pick up from a yard?

Or would you rather stick to the good-looking Chevy light truck who takes precautions and takes care of customers’ vehicles, from as early as same-day delivery door to door?

The choice is yours!

Reliable And Communicative Car Transport Services In NZ